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Eddie Kingston explains how the dud bomb knocked him out

Eddie Kingston tried to save Jon Moxley from an exploding ring at AEW Revolution 2021, but the bomb turned out to be a dud. Kingston was knocked out anyway, leaving many pro wrestling fans wondering how the Mad King would explain what happened to him.

We heard that explanation on tonight’s (Mar. 10) episode of Dynamite.

Speaking alongside Moxley, Kingston said that in the moment when he was expecting an explosion to end his life, he suffered a flashback to the time when he was sitting in a jail cell getting ready for court, waiting to be sent away for life. It’s a little embarrassing, but that sense of panic and anxiety returned, and everything went black.

After Moxley said he thinks that Kenny Omega really wanted to blow him up, he wondered where the hell Kenny got the bomb from. Did it have the letters “ACME” written on it? Moxley concluded that Impact Wrestling must have paid for that bomb.

Moxley and Kingston then busted each other’s chops a bit, establishing that they are allies once again.

What did you think of Kingston’s explanation about the dud?

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