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Scorpio Sky turns heel after TNT championship match

Scorpio Sky won the “Face of the Revolution” ladder match at AEW Revolution 2021, which earned him a match against Darby Allin for the TNT championship on tonight’s (Mar. 10) episode of Dynamite.

Both men fought valiantly to become the face of the audio-troubled network. Towards the end of the fight, Sky caught Allin’s Coffin Drop and turned it into a powerbomb. Sky then picked Darby up for his TKO finisher, but the champion turned it into a small package for the three count. Darby Allin retained the TNT championship by the skin of his teeth.

Darby showed some respect to Sky after the match, but the new Face of the Revolution had other plans in mind. He snapped and tried to permanently injure Allin with a heel hook.

Sky looked at his hands and smiled afterwards, completing this heel turn.

Are you looking forward to watching Scorpio Sky as a full-blown heel?

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