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KENTA & Omega vs. Moxley & Archer in a Lights Out match on Dynamite!?!?!?

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Kenny’s issued the challenge. Whether Tony Khan allows it - or KENTA agrees to it - remains to be seen.

What’s next after KENTA showed up at Beach Break to deliver the GTS heard round the wrestling world to Jon Moxley?

Has the Forbidden Door between New Japan and AEW been kicked open? Or is this just to help sell Mox’s long-awaited IWGP United States title defense against KENTA on Feb. 26?

This post-show video from AEW World champ Kenny Omega could be interpreted as being a sign of either possibility. The only thing we can be sure of is that KENTA’s first line in it is an all-timer...

I’m assuming they wouldn’t tweet out the challenge if it wasn’t happening (and is likely being filmed tonight, since the next Dynamite taping isn’t scheduled until Feb. 17).

An unsanctioned tag match between Mox & Lance Archer (who ran in after tonight’s main event to run off the Good Brothers before KENTA arrived) and Omega & KENTA sounds pretty f***ing sweet. We’ll see if Kenny can get Tony Khan to go for it, and convince “Brother KENTA” to play nice.

Does it mean we’re one step closer to a battle of the Bullet Clubs*, and all the other fantasy booking scenarios fans are dreaming up after tonight’s Dynamite? Or would it just be in service of Mox’s IWGP U.S. title match on NJPW World?

My guess is it’s the latter, but that that’s a trial run for a bigger crossover.

Can’t wait to find out.

* Kenny’s hinting that he’s still cool with the NJPW version of the Biz Cliz when acts like he’s been in touch with “Brother Switchblade”. But earlier this week, Jay White didn’t sound like a fan of anything happening with former Club members in the States.

Plus, Brother Tama doesn’t seem interested in a reunion: