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Chris Jericho and MJF have a date with the Young Bucks

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AEW’s Beach Break episode of Dynamite kicked off tonight (Feb. 3) with a tag team Battle Royal to determine the number one contenders for the Young Bucks’ tag titles at Revolution on Mar. 7. If the Bucks win the Battle Royal, they get to choose their opponent on the pay-per-view. Both members of a team must be eliminated for the team to be gone from the match.

The Inner Circle was represented by three of the 10 teams, which begs the question, why exactly did these three Inner Circle teams wrestle against each other recently?

One of the more shocking eliminations occurred early on with John Silver of the Dark Order knocking Jake Hager out of the match. The Inner Circle got some payback later on when Santana and Ortiz teamed up to toss Silver out.

Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks was backdropped out of the ring early on, leaving his partner Nick solo for the remainder of the fight.

The Good Brothers (not competing in this match) came out from the back to assist Nick Jackson in eliminating Private Party. Nick didn’t seem too receptive to their gesture, and he was then tossed out by MJF.

The final six wrestlers included Chris Jericho, MJF, Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, Darius Martin (Top Flight), and Max Caster (The Acclaimed).

MJF continued making his mark by getting rid of Jungle Boy. Caster then held MJF for Sammy Guevara, who tried nailing his Inner Circle stablemate with a superkick. MJF ducked Guevara’s kick, but Caster followed through with a shocking elimination of MJF. Guevara celebrated MJF’s poor luck.

It came down to the final three of Jericho, Guevara, and Martin. Jericho accidentally knocked Guevara out of the match, leaving only two men. Martin tried his best to upset the former AEW world champion, but a Judas Effect sent him packing.

With that, Jericho and MJF earned a tag team title shot against the Young Bucks at Revolution. The challengers didn’t waste any time in mocking the champs.

What did you think about Beach Break’s tag team battle royal?

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