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AEW Rewind: Vitor Belfort calls out Chris Jericho, FTR suspended, new BTE Champion, more!

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Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

Back when Chris Jericho was feeling feisty enough to rumble with Mike Tyson, Vitor Belfort was one of Tyson’s heavy hitters in the background. Fast forward to current times, and now we have Belfort calling out Jericho. Belfort is signed to the MMA organization ONE Championship. It was announced last week that ONE signed a deal with TNT to air programming after Dynamite. In an effort for promotion, Belfort wants to get his hands on Jericho.

When speaking with Nick Atkin of South China Morning Post, Belfort said:

“With myself being with ONE, and on the same network, I think it’s time for Tony Khan to give me Jericho, and I can whip Jericho’s butt. We can really make that fight happen.”

Belfort even suggested that Jericho comes over for an MMA fight:

“It’s gonna be phenomenal. Think about me and Chris Jericho doing a ONE fight and going over there, imagine how many fans wanna see that – him making his debut in ONE, and me making my debut in AEW.”

Belfort said that with a smile, so perhaps he isn’t serious about 50-year-old Jericho in a real MMA fight. However, Jericho’s Inner Circle mate, Jake Hager, may like to get in the mix once his Bellator contract is completed. Hager versus Belfort in ONE is something I would definitely tune in to see.

As for Jericho, his response was in the form of a question.

Belfort better beware of the Judas Effect. That move is as real as it gets. Just look at Brian Pillman Jr.’s face after taking the hit last week.

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford will be getting married on Dynamite. In a chat with TV Insider, they claim it will be a real wedding. The two are engaged in real life, so this wedding will act as the genuine thing due to COVID putting the kibosh on a ceremony for family. Sabian also believes nothing will go wrong, as is typical in wrestling weddings.

TV Insider: Weddings on pro wrestling shows have a history of falling apart...

Sabian: We made a point for it to actually be a wedding and not a gimmick. We want to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible, and to make sure it’s different than what you expect. Fans will expect drama, shenanigans, and exploding cakes.

Ford: This is the happiest day of our lives, and that’s what we want from it.

Part of the fun of wrestling weddings is that they always erupt into shenanigans. I suppose nothing bad could happen. The primary troublemakers would be Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Trent is out with an injury, Chuck Taylor is bound to butler duties, and Cassidy may not have the energy to ruin the special evening. Could AEW’s plan be to swerve by not having any swerves? That doesn’t sound very interesting.

FTR has been suspended for their heinous actions to Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy.

Hikaru Shida has been busy working on the upcoming women’s tournament. No details were mentioned for what role she will have.

Austin Gunn is back with a second freestyle rap. I didn’t realize Austin has haters that he needed to address, but I guess everyone has haters in the social media era. The top line in reference to AEW is, “Feeling like Shida with a kendo.”

Here is Lego Don Callis. His bulbous head cracks me up.

Being the Elite

“The Betrayal Is Real” - Being The Elite, Ep. 241 (here) featured Anna Jay with harsh words for Hangman Page and a new BTE Champion:

  • Last week’s match with the Young Bucks and Good Brothers against the Dark Order had to be edited due to Luke Gallows’ dirty deeds of dick swinging and blunt smoking. Their reunion felt like the old 2013 Bullet Club. Nick Jackson made sure to mention they won’t be working with that 2021 Bullet Club. The Bucks clarified that their heat is with Don Callis and not the Good Brothers.
  • Anna Jay pushed Stu Grayson over the railing. Tay Conti wondered if Anna liked him, but #99 brushed off the question.
  • Brandon Cutler asked for a truce with Luchasaurus. The dino taught Cutler some dinosaur history as they went on a ride seeing all sorts of mechanical reptiles.
  • Dark Order had their slumber party. Anna Jay exited to find Hangman Page pilfering a bottle of whiskey. She was angry that he led her boys on into believing he would join the crew. Jay ordered Page to move on so the Dark Order could move on as a family. Hangman tried to reply, but Anna stopped him from speaking. The sad cowboy hung his head as he walked away. 5 overheard, so Anna threatened him not to tell the others. Anna’s actions were more like a protective big sister than anything malicious.
  • Matt Hardy confessed to working Brandon Cutler into challenging Luchasaurus, so Hardy could win big money betting against Cutler. Hardy had a ploy for Private Party to get into the heads of the Good Brothers. Private Party used a ring bell to wake a sleeping Gallows and turn him into Festus.
  • Nyla Rose had an idea about what to do with all the money donated to her and Vickie Guerrero. Meanwhile, Griff Garrison danced to Vickie’s theme song. I’m unsure if the two scenes were related.
  • John Silver defended the BTE Championship against Sammy Guevara in a field goal kicking contest. After three kicks apiece from the 5-yard line, the score was tied 1-1. Sammy made his fourth attempt, and Silver missed. That means Sammy was crowned the new BTE Champion.
Being the Elite

We’ll close with some merch news. Cody Rhodes has a t-shirt with 100% royalties going to the Equal Justice Initiative to honor Black History Month.

AEW is also offering a customer appreciation sale for 20% off at from now until February 4 at 1 pm ET.