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Paul Wight will be a babyface in AEW, unless he already turned heel

AEW’s Twitter

The biggest recurring joke that has followed Big Show throughout his WWE career is that he is constantly changing alignment between babyface and heel. Even in 2020 when Big Show wasn’t on television much, he played a heel when he kinda sorta headlined WrestleMania 36 in a WWE championship match against Drew McIntyre, but was then a babyface getting punted by Randy Orton just a few months later.

That reputation is following Paul Wight to his new gig with AEW, where he will commentate on their new show, Dark: Elevation, premiering in March. In response to the news that Wight signed with AEW, Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes told the following story on his Instagram, and offered his thoughts on where Wight lies on the babyface/heel spectrum in AEW.

“When I entered my first entitled-grizzled young vet phase(usually happens at the 2yr - 5yr - 7yr point), Big G gave me the reality check I sorely needed. I boldly told him I didn’t want to do comedy in our matches anymore, and he gently put his hand on my knee and said...”cool, then go get over please”. When I left WWE back in 2016...I blindly flew to Hollywood for a series of general meetings, the most important/prolific of which was set up by Big G. He’s many many things besides being one of the greatest wrestlers to ever do it, the most important to me...his value as a true and credible leader. A great model for all of us in AEW. Welcome @paulwight - oh...and he’s a damn babyface! (I think)”

See that, even Rhodes has to hedge a bit while sounding confident that Wight will begin his AEW tenure as a babyface.

Last night’s episode of Dynamite was taped one week ago, so Wight did not appear on the broadcast. His formal AEW debut will occur next week (Mar. 3) on Dynamite: The Crossroads, where Shaquille O’Neal is coincidentally enough scheduled to wrestle.

We’ve already gone 24 hours without a heel turn from Paul Wight in AEW. How much longer do you think he’ll make it before that changes?

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