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Lance Archer is the worst tag team partner Fenix has ever had

AEW has been busy in the matchmaking department. In addition to revealing the schedule for the women’s tournament, it was announced that remaining spots for the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match would be determined in qualifying contests. First up is Lance Archer versus Fenix on Dynamite.

The Face of the Revolution Ladder Match is planned to take place at the upcoming Revolution PPV on March 7. The winner will earn a TNT title shot. Three of the six participants were confirmed as Cody Rhodes, Scorpio Sky, and Pentagon. The remaining three competitors will have to earn their way.

Alex Abrahantes informed Archer and Fenix of the news. When asked about their recent tag team chemistry, egos turned to violence.

Archer: Alex, you got to understand. As iron sharpens iron, there’s a reason we were a killer tag team. And it’s the Murderhawk Monster. And next week, there’s no reason for me to qualify because the Murderhawk Monster is going to kick Rey Fenix’s ass.

Fenix: (in Spanish) Alex, please, can you communicate to this man that he is the worst, the worst partner. He is the worst partner. Tell him. Please, tell him.

Once Abrahantes relayed the message, that led to shoving, grunting, and fisticuffs.

That new bout will certainly pump up the juice for Dynamite. I’d say Archer is the favorite, but Fenix is worthy of an underdog upset. Plus, the luchador would be a perfect fit for a ladder match.

As for Fenix’s claim of Archer being the worst tag partner, I got the feeling that it was said tongue-in-cheek as a response to Archer’s confidence. Let’s have fun with it and dig a little deeper anyway.

Fenix and Archer have a 1-1 record together in trios action. Fenix’s list of partners in AEW includes Pentagon, PAC, Jon Moxley, Butcher, Blade, Jack Evans, Angelico, and Laredo Kid. There are no obvious stinkers in that bunch. Looking at other US promotions, Fenix doesn’t seem to have ever been saddled to any jabrones. The majority of his tag work is with Pentagon and other luchadores.

Perhaps Fenix wasn’t saying it in jest. I could see the case for Archer being hardest to control in terms of tag team fluidity, although, maybe it comes down to the simple act of Archer chokeslamming Fenix off the apron onto their opponents during Dynamite.

AEW also beefed up Wednesday’s Dynamite card by adding Jon Moxley versus Ryan Nemeth to the previously announced lineup.

For the next episode of Dark on Tuesday night, 16 fights have been announced.

There were two pieces of intrigue that caught my eye. Arn Anderson will be in the corner of Lee Johnson against Serpentico. Anderson has stated that he was impressed by Johnson’s first win and would be devoting time to help him improve. It looks like Johnson’s membership into the Nightmare Family is finally paying off.

Also, Cody Rhodes will be in the corner of Brooke Havok against Leyla Hirsch. Havok is Cody’s first student to rise up into AEW. Having Cody in her corner would seem like a win is in her future, however, Hirsch has been putting in work against top-tier opponents. I’m thinking Hirsch suplexes Havok into oblivion.

Are you excited for Archer versus Fenix? Who do you think will win? Which other qualifying matches would you make if you had the book? Does anything from the Dark card stand out to you?

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