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Tony Khan is making emotional decisions thanks to Impact

Time for the weekly update for AEW’s crossover into Impact territory. The Good Brothers are pumped for their main event with Kenny Omega against Jon Moxley, Fenix, and PAC at Beach Break, Matt Hardy has a plan in place to protect Private Party, and Impact has turned Tony Khan into a shark making emotional decisions.

First up on Impact Wrestling was the Good Brothers. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are eager to beat up Jon Moxley on Dynamite Wednesday night. They also might plot to screw Private Party in AEW’s tag team battle royale just to mess with them before their Impact tag title defense at No Surrender on February 13.

Next was Matt Hardy and Private Party. They basically rehashed they same promo from last week. Hardy will place a bonus (since Tony Khan would not approve of the word bounty) to win both the AEW and Impact tag titles. That will put more money in all their pockets. The minor takeaway is that Hardy has a plan in place to assist Private Party. It most likely involves some form of cheating to win by any means necessary.

Rounding out the AEW involvement this week on Impact Wrestling was another paid commercial from Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone. Khan continued with his snide remarks about the ineptitude of Impact as he promoted Wednesday night’s Dynamite. Impact may know nothing about big cards, but Khan does. Treating Impact like his own personal fantasy league has started to make Khan go forth with ideas he never would have okayed before, such as allowing Jon Moxley to defend his US title against KENTA in NJPW.

Becoming a shark is an intriguing character development for Khan. He seems to be getting more amped up by the week. Pretty soon Khan will be ripping the sleeves off his shirt to show off the development of his biceps. So far, Khan’s decision-making has not proved to be reckless. However, overconfidence could become the turning point for Impact to take advantage in the end. Impact has to come out on top at some point during their own broadcast, right?

For the Beach Break rundown, it is interesting to note that Hangman Page will be teaming with Matt Hardy versus Chaos Project and Lance Archer versus Eddie Kingston in a lumberjack match were announced. Those are fresh bouts for Dynamite.

What do you hope Khan’s next emotional decision will be?

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