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The various Bullet Clubs are getting snippy with each other

The Impact/AEW relationship has brought several members of New Japan’s Bullet Club faction together, including founding members Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows, former leader Kenny Omega, and the duo who helped make the group’s merch a top seller here in the States, The Young Bucks.

Along with their reunion came a reaction from across the Pacific - from current Club stalwart Tama Tonga:

There were shots too, mostly centered on Tama’s claim The Bucks were never sent a cease & desist by WWE over their use of the “Too Sweet” gesture, but instead worked up the story to further their anti-New York cred:

This being wrestling, and a lot of fans really wanting a NJPW/AEW alliance to happen, this has led to people wondering if those shots are a work. It’s something The Bucks jokingly addressed while pouring fuel on the fire during the opening segment of this week’s Being The Elite - titled “The Betrayal is Real”:

Nick Jackson: Not the 2021 version of the Bullet Club, because we know it sucks.

Matt Jackson: EVIL isn’t here, right?

Nick: This is not a storyline. We’re not working with them. It’s not gonna happen.

Which brings us to the recently returned current leader of the skull & guns crew, Jay White. After showing up at The Road to New Beginning yesterday (Feb. 1), White had some remarks about AEW’s version of the Biz Cliz during his post-show press conference:

“I’m still Bullet Club. I’m real Bullet Club! This is real Bullet Club right here! We’re not a cheap rip-off trying to re-create the past to try and regain some relevance and doing corny reunions just so you can sell shitty t-shirts to you all. But of course, you all still buy them because you are - you are you. This is real Bullet Club. Let me tell you what real Bullet Club’s about. It’s about change, it’s about moving forward, it’s about progression. It’s not about living in the past. It’s not about going backwards.”

An impassioned speech from the Switchblade. Wonder what The Bucks think...

There seems to be some real bad blood here. But that’s what a good angle would do, right?

Is this Bullet Club drama gonna stay online, or will it ever lead to something in a wrestling ring? Jon Moxley is still working with NJPW, so the gate isn’t locked shut...

Stay tuned.

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