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Konnan is reportedly hospitalized with COVID and has a ‘pretty serious’ kidney issue

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On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that Konnan has a serious kidney issue and has been hospitalized. Here is how Meltzer briefly explained the situation:

“I know that he’s hospitalized. It’s a kidney issue. You know, he had a kidney transplant in 2007, and it’s pretty serious...there’s probably more to the’s fairly serious.”

Separate from Meltzer’s account, Lucha Libre Online is reporting that Konnan has been hospitalized with COVID-19:

The report indicates that Konnan is hopeful that he will be discharged from the hospital over the next day or two and can continue treatment from home.

The 57 year old lucha libre wrestling legend appeared on AEW Dynamite late last year for a memorable cameo during the Inner Circle’s wild trip to Las Vegas, and is more heavily involved with AAA and MLW.

Please join us in wishing the best for Konnan on his road to recovery.