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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Feb. 17, 2021): Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz Tag title match

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern on TNT.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we're looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This episode comes our way from Jacksonville, Florida, and is headlined by The Young Bucks putting the Tag Team championship on the line against Santana & Ortiz! Plus, Jon Moxley teams with Rey Fenix & Lance Archer against Eddie Kingston, Butcher & Blade, FTR battles the Sydal brothers, Hangman Page joins Matt Hardy for a match against TH2, Serena Deeb vs. the returning Riho in a first round Women’s Championship Eliminator bout, Sting calls out Team Taz, Orange Cassidy faces Luther, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

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Enjoy the show!


They bloviate about a future beyond the moon, to bring about another planet’s doom. To discover peaceful life and beat our war-drum to its tune. Unless my prayers are answered, our end is coming soon, but right now? I’m liveblogging this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

“Hangman” Adam Page & Matt Hardy vs. TH2 (Angelico & Jack Evans)

TH2 jump Hardy and Page at the bell, dumping the vet and isolating Hangman! He runs through a double team and suplexes Evans onto Angelico! Chops in the ropes, tag to Matt, Big Money comes off the second with an elbow drop and takes control of Jack! Overhead elbows, hangman’s neckbreaker for two! Adam tags in, shooting star press, tag back out, Hardy clears the apron, sidestep the charge, get under Evans but Angelico makes the tag as he hits the Black Tiger Bomb!

Angelico working Matt over with kicks, Jack tags in, diving stomp / back suplex combo for a nearfall! Clubbing away, trapping Hardy in the corner, Evans hangs him over the top rope and Angelico gets two off a side schoolboy pin. Shift to a front chancery, Big Money pushes him into the corner, Jack tags in and puts him into the corner. Whip across, cartwheel back elbow, Matt blocks with a kick and hits a Side Effect!

Hangman with the hot tag, huge thrust spinebuster lays Angelico out! Corner lariat, triangle lariat clears Evans off the apron, fallaway slam into a kip-up, and then a plancha lays Jack out on the floor! Angelico with a sheerdrop brainbuster... NOPE! Jack tags back in, Page plants Angelico with a powerbomb and then catches a dive from Evans and turns that into a powerbomb, too!

To the apron, Hardy tags in, Buckshot denied, Twist of Fate blocked, Hangman knocked off the apron, STO backbreaker / neckbreaker combo feets into a reverse STO and into a Phoenix Splash on Big Money... NOT ENOUGH! Adam out of nowhere, Buckshot takes both of TH2 out, Hardy calls for it and spikes Angelico on his dome with a Twist of Fate! It’s over!

“Hangman” Adam Page & Matt Hardy win by pinfall with a Twist of Fate from Hardy on Angelico.

Post-match, Hardy tells Page that he looks like a billion bucks and he’s gonna make a lot of money, which has Matt stoked because he thinks he’s getting 30% of whatever he makes. Hangman takes the mic and says some good friends told him to always keep another set of papers rolled up in his jacket, and he doesn’t know how closely Matt read that contract. Hardy says he sent it right to his lawyer to make it legit.

Adam asks for a member of the Panthers’ legal team to come down and read the contract, which brings the mascot to the ring with the contract. Hardy takes it and reads it, shock and confusion playing across his face. It’s not a talent representative contract, it’s a contract for a match at Revolution. Hardy vs. Page, and if Big Money loses, Adam gets all of his earnings from the first quarter of 2021!

He accuses Page of being a carny and bamboozling him, admitting he got one over on him. He says he wants Page to put his own first quarter earnings on the line, and Adam says they might have a money match. They shake on it and Matt tells him he’s finished... THE MASCOT ATTACKS PAGE! IT’S ISIAH KASSIDY! HARDY OFFERS TH2 $3700 ( a row?!) TO BEAT HANGMAN DOWN!

DARK ORDER MAKE THE SAVE! The ring clears, Alan Angels brawls with Hardy but gets dumped to the floor and Big Money barely escapes the Buckshot! Page and the Dark Order stand tall, facing each other uneasy.

Inner Circle are interviewed backstage.

Ortiz and Santana point out that this is their first tag title shot ever, and they’re coming to collect. Maxwell Jacob Friedman yells at Sammy Guevara at length and Chris Jericho tells him to shut up and everybody was watching the show and saw him goad Sammy for weeks until he finally quit the Inner Circle. A lot of it is MJF’s fault, but the majority of it was Guevara’s.

Y2J says he wanted them at each other’s throats to make each other better, but Sammy screwed it up and quit the Inner Circle, and now he’s dead to him and he doesn’t want to hear that name ever again. He concludes by saying Santana and Ortiz are gonna win the tag titles and bring gold back to the Inner Circle.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary recaps the first round of matches on the Japan side of the bracket to the Women’s World Championship #1 Contender’s Eliminator Tournament, as well as informing us what matches will be on next week’s YouTube broadcast.

Riho vs. Serena Deeb (AEW Women’s World Championship #1 Contender’s Eliminator Tournament First Round Match)

Circling, collar and elbow, struggling around the ring, Deeb with a go-behind, standing switch, again, waistlock takedown, Riho reverses into a headlock. Serena turns it into a front chancery, back on her feet, reverse to a hammerlcok, reverse that, side headlock from Deeb. Trading headlocks, Riho gets away! Test of strength, Serena takes her down and tries to break her bridge but fails!

Into a wristlock takedown, arm wringer, side headlock takeover, kip-up! Shot off, off the ropes, dropkick, whip reversed, handspring, crossbody, cover for two! Deeb in the ropes, she blocks the Tiger feint kick and catapults Riho into the bottom rope to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Deeb locks a Japanese Stranglehold in! Riho to her feet, she pries her hands apart but Serena gets her right back in the hold! Backing her into the corner twice finally works, full nelson briefly applied, off the ropes, Riho snaps off a Dragon suplex! Trading forearms in the corner, whip across, dropkick, tijeras sends Deeb staggering! She follows it with a knee strike for two!

Headed up top, diving crossbody, Serena rolls through, elbow drop to the knee, stomp the hamstring, another elbow drop, another stomp, spinning toehold blocked! Boot up in the corner, Deeb hits a dragon screw and Riho is in agony! Swinging neckbreaker... SO CLOSE! Tiger feint kick connects, Riho on her comeback, perching, double stomp to the back! Another diving crossbody... NOPE!

Serena with a powerbomb, into the Stretch Muffler! She stands up but Riho crawls for the ropes! She pulls her back in, Riho reverses to a pin... STILL NO! Northern lights suplex into the bridge... DEEB KICKS OUT! Off the top, double stomp... NOT ENOUGH! Deeb staggered, but still able to duck the running knee, trap the arms, Detox blocked, Riho manages to get her ina European Clutch, no good!

Trading pins...

Riho wins by pinfall with the Gedo Clutch.

We get a training montage for Jade Cargill and Shaquille O’Neal ahead of their match next week.

Orange Cassidy makes his entrance to send us to break.

Luther vs. Orange Cassidy

Luther blasts Chuck Taylor off the apron and Serpentico dives on him! Luther with a pump kick on Cassidy, Tenryu Powerbomb... NOPE! Tearing Orange’s shirt off him, throwing him to the apron, calling for it but Cassidy slides under him... POWERBOMB OFF THE APRON! Serpentico runs in, Chuck catches him... AWFUL WAFFLE! Orange rolls back in the ring, lines Luther up...

Orange Cassidy wins by pinfall with the Orange Punch.

We get a recap of Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela from last week as well as the aftermath with Team Taz dragging Darby off into the night.

Team Taz make their entrance, consisting tonight of Taz, Hook, and Brian Cage.

Taz gets on the mic and says all they’ve been hearing about is Sting’s gonna call them out, and they’re down numbers due to the weather, so now’s the time, Sting.

The lights go down and Sting indeed makes his entrance.

Taz tells him stepping in the ring is the worst thing he could have done, and without that bat he’s done. His boy Darby got dragged to FTW World, after all. Sting throws the bat away and takes his jacket off, and starts brawling with Cage! Hook comes from behind with the bat and tries to choke Sting out! Sting reverses, Cage kicks him in the gut... POWERBOMB!

Commentary hypes up the rest of the show for us.

Eddie Kingston cuts a promo backstage with his family and he runs down all the reasons he’s looking forward to tonight’s main event, which mostly consist of the reasons why he wants to beat Lance Archer, Rey Fenix, and Jon Moxley up.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of Cage powerbombing Sting.

Commentary tosses to a video package of Kenny Omega reading the Young Bucks’ book to a bunch to elementary school children. He leaves almost immediately after he starts and some of the kids beg Kenny to stay and play. Don Callis leaves Michael Nakazawa to play with them instead, but they say they hate him and beat him down.

Proud-N-Powerful (Ortiz & Santana) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) (c) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Nick and Santana to start, a bit of light mat grappling, into lucha libre, neither man able to get a strong advantage but Ortiz tags in to work Jackson over. Matt tags in, dropkick takes Ortiz out and he tags Santana in. Duck a lariat, land a solebutt, whip across, duck a lariat, Nick tags in. Double elbow, splash / elbow drop in stereo, Bucks clear the apron!

O’Connor roll into a wicked neckbreaker / backbreaker combo! Referee Rick Knox ejects the rest of the Inner Circle and we go to break!

Back from commercial Santana in control on Nick, laying chops in, tag to Ortiz. Scoop and a slam, elbow drop but Jackson slides out of the ring, looking for the tag, superkick connects and the path is clear! Matt tags in, forearm, slingshot inside, elbows and lariats, right hands ahoy! Santana cuts him off but he’s able to hit a Frankensteiner into mounted punches!

Whip across, back body drop sends Ortiz to the floot, boot and a Diamond Dust to Santana... NOPE! Iconoclasm / powerbomb combo gets the Bucks a nearfall, quick tags, Santana throws one Buck into the other, Ortiz with a wheelbarrow facebuster on Matt, avalanche Falcon Arrow on Nick... STILL NO! Nick Floats over a double suplex but ends up laid out and locked in the Koji Clutch!

He rolls it into a pin briefly but Ortiz hangs on! Reaching, crawling, Matt up top... DIVING ELBOW DROP BREAKS IT UP! Setting Nick up top, Matt cuts them off, Santana in the electric chair... DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Tag made, powerbomb / enzuigiri combination, Superkick Party... ORTIZ BREAKS IT UP! Another tag, they set up the BTE Trigger but Santana moves away, malfunction at the junction!

Tag, double Ace Crusher, they get Nick up, Street Sweeper Connects... MATT JACKSON BARRELS THROUGH THE PIN TO BREAK IT UP! Proud-N-Powerful double powerbomb Matt over the barricade and into the crowd! Back inside, Nick catches him...

Young Bucks win by pinfall with an inside cradle from Nick Jackson on Santana to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, the Inner Circle return and beat the Young Bucks down at length! Brandon Cutler tries and fails to make the save, getting spinebustered into the stage by Jake Hager! MJF and Y2J have submissions in and the Bucks tap out! The Good Brothers make the save at their leisure!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a promo from Brandi Rhodes.

She wants to have some fun and do a gender reveal party on Dynamite. (That’s not actually fun, Brandi.) She says she’s the only one who knows whether the baby is a boy or a girl (Also incorrect, you gotta wait for the kid to tell you and it might take a minute.) and she’s gonna share that with us tonight.

The Rhodes make their entrance and “It’s a girl!” flashes on the tron. (A thing, by the by, that the doctor that delivered me said, before he ruined it by taking a closer look. Joke’s on him, should have trusted his guts.)

(I’m sorry y’all, I have a hell of a migraine and I can’t contain myself tonight.)

Cody takes a seat at the commentary desk for the next one.

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs. Matt & Mike Sydal

Wheeler and Mike to start, the FTR boys taking an early lead and working the younger Sydal over. Harwood in, Matt tags in, double teams on the former champs, Mike legal again and Wheeler cuts him off with a big German suplex as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Dax and Mike are jockeying for position over a suplex and Matt tags in. He lifts his brother into a Frankensteiner, fighting FTR two-on-one, knee strike staggers Harwood and he follows it with a Lightning Spiral! Dax rolls to the floor, slingshot dropkick, Mike up top and he moonsaults into them! Back inside, O’Connor roll for two and Wheeler blasts Sydal with an uppercut from the floor!

Cash tags in, double whip, Matt sidesteps the charge, elbows and chops for everybody! Tornado DDT blocked, Harwood with a powerbomb, Dragon suplex from Wheeler, Mike breaks it up! Back body drop to the apron, Mike tags in, kicks lay Cash out, Matt up top, Meteora to both guys, Mike with a corkscrew moonsault... WHEELER GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! Jockeying for postion, land on his feet off a back suplex, Harwood tags in!

Sydal slides low, gets caught...

FTR win by pinfall with Big Rig on Mike Sydal.

Post-match, FTR grab the ringside doctor’s medical kick from him and get out a pair of medical scissors! They go to cut Mike Sydal’s hair and the lights go down! Luchasaurus appears in shadow with his mask with the cut horns in the foreground... THE LIGHTS COME UP AND JURASSIC EXPRESS ARE IN THE RING! THEY BEAT FTR DOWN! JUNGLE BOY CHOKES DAX OUT WITH SNARE TRAP WHILE LUCHASAURS CHOKESLAMS CASH!

Commentary hypes up next week’s show for us, including TULLY BLANCHARD IN ACTION!

Jon Moxley cuts a promo and calls Eddie Kingston out for having a stick up his ass. He says he’s probably the only guy around here that actually cares about him and he’ll whip his ass as many times as it takes to get that through his head, and after that, on February 26 he’ll try to break KENTA’s neck on NJPW Strong and put his ass in the ground for good.

After that he’s gonna take the rest of these sons of bitches down when he takes the AEW World Championship back from Kenny Omega, and he’ll take as long as it takes to settle the score.

And so we go to break.

Butcher and the Blade (Andy “Butcher” Williams & Pepper “Blade” Parks) & Eddie Kingston vs. Jon Moxley, Lance Archer, & Rey Fenix

All-out brawling to start, things settle down with Parks on Moxley in the ring. Tag to Williams, leg drop / side slam combo for a nearfall. Working Jon over, quick tags, Mox gets the tag to Archer and he comes in hot! The match breaks down, Fenix in with dives, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Archer draws Kingston up only to get hung over the top rope! Butcher and Blade work him over, Kingston in, Mox takes him to the floor with a Cactus Clothesline and Lance tags Fenix in! Springboard solebutt to Williams, big overhand chop on Eddie into a springboard arm drag, off the ropes, tope con giro takes Parks out! Back in, Ace Crusher to Andy!

Up top, frog splash... BUTCHER KICKS OUT! Off the ropes, Eddie cuts him off with an overhead exploder suplex! Archer in with a boot, Butcher sidesteps, freight train crossbody! Moxley goes for a piledriver, gets shoved off and settles for a German suplex! Pepper with a pump kick, Rey takes him out wiht a gamengiri, all six men are down and out in the middle of the ring!

Mox and Kingston trading forearms, big enzuigiri from the War King! Backfist to the Future ducked, the match breaks down and Archer pounces him! Moxley gets the chinlock choke but the match breaks down again and he and Eddie get laid out! ARCHER CHOKESLAMS FENIX INTO BUTCHER AND THE BLADE AND THEN CANNONBALLS INTO THEM HIMSELF!

Back into it, Backfist to the Future but Mox keeps his wits about him, big lariat, underhooks...

Jon Moxley, Lance Archer, & Rey Fenix win by pinfall with Paradigm Shift from Moxley on Eddie Kingston.

Post-match, the Good Brothers hit the ring and beat Jon down! Kenny Omega comes out and gets on the mic, saying Moxley doesn’t look so tough right now. He promised himself he wouldn’t come out here but he’s got an exception because he got a late Valentine from Tony Khan and he’s in a giving mood, and Mox can have his rematch.

But he’s gonna name the stipulation, because Moxley just keeps coming back no matter what he does. If he has to put him in the ground, so be it— IT’S AN EXPLODING BARBED WIRE DEATHMATCH! MOXLEY HEADBUTTS HIM AND OMEGA COMES BACK WITH THE V-TRIGGER!

Bloodied on the brow, Omega stands tall.

That’s the show, folks.

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