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Of course Sammy Guevara referenced the Impact rumors on his vlog

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Sammy Guevara’s YouTube

You didn’t think an AEW wrestler would pass on the chance to make a joke about a dirt sheet report, did you? Meta-ness is as engrained in their brand as four and five Meltzer star rated matches.

And, right at the beginning of Sammy Guevara’s first vlog since rumors of his catching heat for rejecting creative given him for a crossover appearance on Impact, there is it.

Guevara is outside making snow angels in a t-shirt. He didn’t think he needed a jacket because the internet said he “had lots of heat”.

When his partner Pam tells Sammy not to be a fricking idiot and believe everything he reads on the internet is real, he asks “so if I believe everything I read online, I’m a fucking idiot?” She tells him “absolutely” and the usual opening credits start.

Pretty clever stuff, which will probably prompt a few eye rolls along with the laughs. But like I said, you had to know it was coming.

Check out the rest of Sammy’s latest vlog for a crossover with Being The Elite and some development of the Inner Circle plot. Then tune in to Impact tonight and try to guess what Guevara would have been doing if he hadn’t been (allegedly) called back to Jacksonville. And watch Dark and Dynamite for signs of him being in trouble with AEW brass!