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Darby Allin retains the TNT championship over Joey Janela

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Tonight’s (Feb. 10) episode of Dynamite kicked off with a TNT championship match. Darby Allin put the gold on the line against “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela. Team Taz recently hinted that they would make their presence known in this match, but Sting promised to have Darby’s back if that happened.

For Janela, this match was about more than just winning a championship. He’s been a jobber on Dynamite, more or less, and could quickly erase that status with a big win over Allin.

Both of these men are daredevils, which meant we were guaranteed to get some unconventional spots during this bout. For example, Janela raised Darby up in a suplex position, but then dropped him face first onto the ring apron:

Meanwhile, Darby lived up to his reputation for throwing himself around without caution:

Both men fought their asses off, but Allin ultimately prevailed with a Coffin Drop. Team Taz and Sting were nowhere to be seen.

What did you think of Allin vs. Janela?

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