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Lee Johnson actually gets the spotlight over Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson, representing The Nightmare Family, took on some jobbers (Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi) on tonight’s (Feb. 10) episode of Dynamite.

Cody was really the only Dynamite regular in this bout, which looked like something of a tune-up for his upcoming mixed tag team match against Shaquille O’Neal on Mar. 3. But the match actually ended up being a showcase for Lee Johnson.

Johnson was on fire in the opening portion of the match. Cody then tagged in and was selling during the picture-in-picture, leading to Johnson getting the hot tag after they returned from commercial:

Johnson eventually finished things off with a schoolboy on Avalon for the three count, and the commentators put over how surprised they were to see Johnson as the man who picked up the win for his team.

Afterwards, Johnson even got some babyface promo mic time. He became emotional while celebrating his biggest moment as part of the Nightmare Family, after enduring a year of so many losses. Cody and Dustin Rhodes raised his hand.

What did you think of Lee Johnson’s booking tonight?

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