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KENTA wins his first match in AEW

The main event of tonight’s (Feb. 10) episode of Dynamite was a “Falls Count Anywhere - Anything Goes” tag team match. Jon Moxley teamed up with Lance Archer to take on AEW world champion Kenny Omega and NJPW’s KENTA.

With falls counting anywhere, that meant the kitchen was in play when Moxley was brawling with KENTA. KENTA DDT’d Mox on a kitchen surface, otherwise known as a table. Archer potatoed KENTA for the save.

All four men fought their way back to the ring for the finish, where things broke down into chaos.

First, here’s KENTA with a wild leaping foot stomp off the stage and onto Moxley:

Lance Archer appeared to have Omega under control in the ring, but that’s when the Good Brothers got involved, giving the heels an insurmountable advantage. Jake “The Snake” Roberts tried his best to fend them off, but to no avail.

Moxley briefly evened the odds with a barbed wire baseball bat, but KENTA’s GTS took him out of the mix.

With help from Gallows and Anderson, Omega was able to put Archer away with the One-Winged Angel.

Omega and KENTA win, and it looks like Jon Moxley will have to come up with a better plan to counteract the numbers advantage that Omega always has in his corner.

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