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Adam Cole has a message for fans who are worried about his mid-card booking in AEW

AEW on Twitter

There are some fans of Adam Cole who are frustrated that he’s doing mid-card things in AEW, whereas he was an undisputed top guy in NXT.

Cole hears those concerns, but he says there is nothing to worry about. Here is how he addressed the situation during an interview on Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker:

“I think that the biggest thing that AEW does so well is whether you’re in the first match, in the middle of the card, or the main event, AEW does an excellent job of making every single person feel special...a lot of people in that company feel like stars, because they are.”

“Also, for anyone who is concerned, if you just look at kind of where we’re going. I’m a member of the Elite, the number one heel faction in all of AEW. Between the matches that I’ve had with guys like Jungle Boy, and the pay-per-view match that we had. You know, I’ve gone face-to-face with Hangman Adam Page before. There are things that are happening to Adam Cole that I promise people are gonna be very satisfied with, very, very happy with. And at the end of the day, whether it’s Ring Of Honor, whether it’s Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, whether it’s NXT, or whether it’s AEW. I always end up becoming The Guy. And this is not gonna be any different, I promise you. I promise you. So no one has anything to worry about because I’m Adam Cole, bay bay.”

I have rarely watched NXT programming, so I didn’t see much of Cole’s work over there. He’s pretty much a blank slate for me since he joined AEW three months ago at All Out. Right away, I was immediately struck by the fact that he’s a big F’N deal. It’s evident by the way the audience reacts to him every time he walks out and does his entrance shtick.

When I have watched Cole these past three months, the thought that AEW is dropping the ball with him has never crossed my mind. Instead, I’ve repeatedly wondered how WWE didn’t do everything possible to keep him in the fold.

As far as Cole’s booking in AEW goes, with Kenny Omega out due to injury and the Young Bucks showing some heart towards the end of Omega’s AEW championship loss against Hangman Page, it seems to me that Cole will try asserting a bigger leadership role within The Elite and/or implode with them down the line as his ego gets out of control. I think it’s notable that Cole wasn’t the one who was pinned during the SuperKliq’s loss at Full Gear. I’m not sure that Cole has ever been pinned or submitted thus far in AEW.

I’ll stop rambling now, but I just wanted to provide the perspective of one fan who watches Cole without the NXT frame of reference. Cole comes off to me like a big star every time he walks to the ring in AEW, so I think this is much ado about nothing. His AEW booking just doesn’t strike me as anything like Miro’s very bad start with the promotion, for example.

Now it’s your turn to let me know how you feel in the comments below, Cagesiders. Are you worried about Cole’s booking in AEW, or do you like what you see so far?

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