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Cody gets TNT title shot, continues to tease heel turn

If the golden shovel he busted out last week while beating Andrade El Ídolo in a Street Fight didn’t clue you in that power may be (kayfabe?) going to AEW Executive Vice-President Cody Rhodes’ head, does booking himself into the Holiday Bash TNT title match send the message?

Getting a Christmas Day shot at Sammy Guevara’s championship wasn’t the only way Rhodes teased the heel turn he’s vowed never to make on the Dec. 8 Dynamite. He also referred to himself as a good guy, which we all know real good guys never do. Then he “accidentally” almost walked up the heel tunnel* on his way out.

While announcing that American Top Team’s Dan Lambert will return to AEW at some point and reminding us that Scorpio Sky is ranked, Men of the Year’s Ethan Page complained about Cody abusing his privilege. Like his feud with Andrade and Malakai Black, the American Nightmare aggravating traditional villains provides him with some cover when claiming he’s not a villain himself.

Winning the TNT title for a third time would cause a lot of resentment from the fanbase. Will he do it on the Dec. 25 Rampage? What do you think?

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s edition of Dynamite here.

* In AEW, the tunnel on the left side of the screen is used by heels, and the one on the right side is used by babyfaces.

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