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Anthony Ogogo and Brandi Rhodes returned to in-ring action in AEW on Elevation and Dark

AEW’s YouTube

A pair of polarizing wrestlers made their return to in-ring action this week in AEW. Anthony Ogogo and Brandi Rhodes are back in the game.

Ogogo had been out since June due to his tenth eye surgery. On AEW Elevation, the Guvnor joined the Factory for an 8-man tag. He handled business for the finish with a pop-up knockout punch.

After Ogogo worked off the rust, it was time for a singles bout on Dark. Ogogo took the best Baron Black had to offer and still prevailed, albeit with a little help from QT Marshall. Black had momentum on an exploder suplex then looked to lock in a leg submission. Marshall hopped onto the apron as a referee distraction, so Ogogo could poke Black in the eye. Ogogo pounced for an Olympic slam for victory.

Ogogo’s bouts took place at the 19:18 mark on Elevation and the 25:48 mark on Dark.

Brandi Rhodes also saw action on Dark. She had been off wrestling duty since becoming pregnant. Her last official match was in October 2020.

Brandi competed against Angelica Risk. She sported a new theme song from Queen Kobra and Mikey Ruckus with the tagline, “Jealously is the best form of flattery.” Brandi’s primary offensive maneuvers early on were pump kicks. She was in trouble but persevered with a thrust kick, clotheslines, enzuigiri, pop-up forearm shiver, and a neck crack submission to earn the win.

Brandi’s bout started at the 11:12 mark of Dark.

Both Ogogo and Brandi draw reactions whenever they appear. Ogogo oozes charisma as a cocky Brit. I’m very curious to see who he rumbles with for his next feud. Ogogo has unfinished business with Billy Gunn, but Gunn’s recent turn to the dark side may not see that beef pay off. Brandi probably won’t be wrestling much on Dynamite and Rampage, however, there could be desire to pick up the spat with Jade Cargill that was never settled in the ring. That would definitely be worth a prime time spot.

Are you excited to see Ogogo and Brandi work their way back in AEW?

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