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MJF mentions Britt Baker again

Will Adam Cole do anything about it? Or should the man MJF calls ‘Boom Boy’ turn his attention to CM Punk’s frequent mentions of his girlfriend instead?

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Britt Baker’s Twitter

Recently, Adam Cole said he’d slap the taste out of MJF’s mouth if he mentions Britt Baker again.

Cole might need to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to his girlfriend and Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Because in an interview with Z100’s Josh Martinez (one of many MJF is doing to promote this week’s AEW Dynamite & Rampage on his home turf of Long Island), Max not only mentioned Baker, but says she’s the only person he’d consider adding to his stable, The Pinnacle...

“The only person I would even consider adding to The Pinnacle is Britt Baker, and that’s it. She is the only person that in my opinion would fit the crew. But you know, me and Britt, we go way back — we’re great friends. But no, we don’t need anybody else. Pinnacle’s set.

“We have FTR, the best tag team in the world. We have Wardlow, who is easily the best big man in the world. We have Shawn Spears, who is easily one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, and we have MJF who’s the best at everything in the world point blank, period. We don’t need anybody’s help. We’re good.”

Will that be too much talk about The Dentist for her boyfriend? MJF isn’t worried about it. In another interview (with Renee Paquette & Meisha Tate on Sirius XM’s Throwing Down, via SEScoops), he addressed Cole’s threat:

“All respect to the Boom Boy, you know, Adam, Adam’s a great, great guy. I don’t have a problem with Adam. My problem is with Punk.”

And really, Friedman’s focus is where Cole’s should be. MJF just pointed out that it’s kind of weird CM Punk keeps bringing up Britt — and used that fact to insult Punk.

Maybe Boom Boy should take it up with The Best in the World?

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