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Women’s street fight turns into a thumbtack barbed wire bloodbath on Rampage

There was a ton of hype heading into tonight’s (Dec. 31) Street Fight on AEW Rampage pitting Tay Conti & Anna Jay vs. Penelope Ford & The Bunny. This fight came about after several matches and angles where the heels frequently used brass knuckles to gain the upperhand.

The match certainly delivered on all the hype.

It started out with a bang, as one of the first moves in the match was Penelope Ford moonsaulting to the outside onto a table with Conti laid out on it.

Things didn’t get easier for Conti from there, as a beer bottle was smashed over her skull. She was out of the action for a while after that.

Meanwhile, The Bunny quickly became a bloody mess while mixing it up with Jay.

Despite all the blood dripping down her face, Bunny introduced the sack of thumbtacks into the ring. Her plan backfired, with Jay eventually superplexing her onto that pile of tacks.

Conti rejoined the fray by piledriving Ford off the apron and through a table on the outside.

That turned it into a one-on-one fight in the ring with Bunny and Jay. Bunny went for the brass knuckles, but Jay wrapped her own arm in barbed wire. It turns out that barbed wire wins that battle; Jay applied the Queen Slayer choke, with an assist from the barbed wire, and the Bunny tapped out.

What did you think of this bloody and violent Street Fight, Cagesiders?

Follow along with the results for Rampage here.

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