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The AEW marketing machine is fully behind HOOK

AEW on Twitter

It didn’t take long at all for HOOK to become a wrestling sensation in AEW. The guy is impervious to piledrivers and won’t hesitate to slap Cody Rhodes upside the face; he clearly has all the tools it takes to succeed in pro wrestling.

But if any of you HOOK-ers out there are worried that maybe his push in AEW won’t last long due to the loaded roster, fret not, because Tony Khan knows how special this kid is. Here is Khan explaining to Sports Illustrated that the AEW marketing machine is fully behind HOOK.

“Hook could be rookie of the year in any year. He has the marketing machine fully behind him. He’s had great coaching from his father, Taz, who is his mentor, and he’s learned from a lot of very intelligent pro wrestlers. It bodes really well for him, and he is going to be special every time you see him on screen. There is so much to look forward to in 2022, and Hook is a big reason for that.”

HOOK is going to be special every time we see him on screen? Tell us something we don’t know, Tony.

What do you think the future hods for HOOK in 2022, Cagesiders?

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