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Arn Anderson explains the inspiration behind his infamous glock line

Brandi Rhodes has a knack for pulling out interesting information from her guests on her Shot of Brandi cooking show. The latest visitors were the father and son duo of Arn Anderson and Brock Anderson.

While sipping vodka sea breeze beverages and preparing butternut squash soup, Brandi broached the topic of Arn’s infamous glock promo. (“You know what I do? I pull out the glock, put it on his forehead, and spill his brains all over the concrete!”) He explained the inspiration behind the motivational words for Cody Rhodes.

Arn Anderson: I had everything but that one piece, and I was looking for something that legitimately would shock Cody. Because this has been the whole problem. I’m trying to shock him into believing it’s okay to not be fishy white, pristine, sugary babyface. His skills speak for themselves, but there comes a time in every fight where you got to kick somebody in the nuts or poke somebody in the eye just to get you back even.

And it’s okay for people like me and you (Brandi). We got no problem with that. He just has a problem, and it’s not even a problem. It’s just an issue with being a role model, and he doesn’t want to disappoint anybody. You know, because everybody around him is taking cheap shots. They got it coming. And the day that that thing clicks and he realizes, “You know what? They all do have it coming.” Business is going to pick way up.

That makes a lot of sense in hindsight with how Cody pulled out the flaming table to superplex Andrade. Knowing that Cody feels an obligation as a role model fills in the pieces of why there was no outward change in his demeanor.

Other highlights from the show include the Rhodes’ dog, Yeti, being super excited to see Arn. The Enforcer briefly summed up his career path as a professional wrestler. Arn actually hated the business after closing out 19 years as a producer with WWE. Coming back as Cody’s coach reignited his love. In an ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ story, Brock’s underwear was showing from out of his trunks in his debut match. The same thing happened to Arn back in the day.

Check out the full video to enjoy all the good times.

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