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I think Malakai Black tried to extract PAC’s eyeball

Eyeballs are having a rough go of it in pro wrestling the last couple years.

Do you remember the WWE storyline from summer 2020 where Seth Rollins extracted Rey Mysterio’s eyeball, leading to the greatest photo in pro wrestling history and a bunch of vomit? Well, AEW might have their own version of that angle playing out.

On tonight’s (Dec. 3) episode of Rampage, Penta & PAC teamed up to take on FTR. PAC was filling in for Rey Fenix, who couldn’t travel due to visa issues.

PAC entered the match with an eye patch and only one good eye, thanks to Malakai Black recently spitting poison mist into his face. At the end of this match, Black struck again. When the referee’s back was conveniently turned away from the action, Malakai appeared out of nowhere and spit the poison mist in PAC’s good eye, leading to the win for FTR.

After the match was over, Black then jammed his fingers deep into PAC’s eye socket, perhaps attempting to extract his eyeball?

Black had PAC’s blood on his fingers as the show went off the air.

Are you interested in AEW’s eyeball drama, Cagesiders?

Follow along with the results for Rampage here.

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