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Bryan Danielson is promoting a new nickname for Hangman Page

Bryan Danielson may be playing a giant jerk in AEW right now, but damnit if he’s not the most entertaining, lovable jerk.

As part of his ongoing trash talk of Hangman Page during the build to their World title match on the Dec. 15, the #1 contender has taken something the internet noticed about AEW’s “Winter is Coming” font and run with it.

The American Dragon wasn’t the first person to point out that what’s supposed to be an “H” in the champ’s name looks more like a “W”. But his casually using it as part of a threat is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen done with this variation on Adam Page’s handle...

Bryan is no stranger to giving his colleagues’ phallic nicknames. Thank goodness the AEW graphics department’s “H” doesn’t turn the Cowboy’s Danielson-given name into something offensive like it would James Ellsworth’s.

Anyway... who’s hyped to see Dragon vs. Wangman in two weeks?

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