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HOOK is impervious to piledrivers

Just like his old man.

As a Captain in Cageside’s HOOK-er army, I apologize for not being online for his second AEW match on Saturday night’s Rampage. Sadly, I have not convinced my entire family to drop everything and gather around the screen when HOOK is wrestling... yet, anyway. And not for lack of trying.

Didn’t want the occasion of our hero going to 2 - 0 with a win over Bear Bronson to pass without comment, though. Outside of the post-show kickoff of the most important feud in AEW history (already covered here), the thing most fans seem to be talking about is HOOK no-selling Bronson’s piledriver.

To the shock of absolutely no one, I don’t have any issue with this. In fact, I dig it a lot.

No disrespect to Bear Bronson, but he’s not exactly been established as a championship contender in AEW. The reverse thunder driver HOOK brushed off is one of his signature moves, but it’s not Bear Country’s tag finisher. And whatever ceiling Bronson will eventually hit in Tony Khan’s company will come with his tag partner Bear Boulder.

No Bears were harmed by putting HOOK over in this way.

Beyond just being another thing to establish Taz’s son as a capital-B Badass, it also ties the 22 year old to his dad. Not everyone was watching then or will remember this even if they were, but the dude from Red Hook was also immune to being dropped on his head.

Taz was more well established than HOOK when he was doing it, but if Jerry Lawler isn’t above being “shown up”, I think we can allow it in Christmas night squash.

That’s my two cents. How was your HOOK-mas, fellow HOOK-ers? What do the unconvinced think about the second time AEW sent HOOK?

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