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Malakai Black’s rules for the House of Black

Last week, it became clear Malakai Black was recruiting members to expand the House of Black.

Later, AEW released a t-shirt with the rules for the House of Black. It flew under my radar until AEW promoted it earlier this week prior to the holiday of gift-giving. The list of rules is similar to Black’s previous promo, but it is still interesting to actually have the official wording in print.

House Rules

I accept that human nature is violent, and therefore I accept violence as a part of who I am and I will not fight that.

My past has shaped and guided me; it is not a crutch, but an arrow.

I will nurture the teaching that I obtain through the House and even when they result in suffering, I will be grateful, as the biggest teacher is agony.

I place nothing and no one before the House.

The House always wins.

One thing that stands out is the idea of violence. It sure sounds like Black is lining up to introduce a wicked wave of ruthlessness into AEW. If the next member of the House of Black proves rumors right, then he certainly is a strong choice as a man of violence.

For theories that Black’s black mist seeps into the soul of his adversaries, I think the line about placing nothing before the House proves that Cody Rhodes is still a free man. His Hollywood lifestyle, desire to win championships, and wife Brandi are clearly kept on a pedestal. It’s still a guess about PAC and Julia Hart, since they haven’t been seen lately.

The Malakai Black House Rules shirt is currently available on

What’s your take on the House rules? Would you be willing to receive black mist to the face as an initiation?

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