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The most important feud in AEW history started after Rampage taping (SPOILER)

While this is largely just a bit of slow news day fun about the internet’s favorite wrestler having a cool moment that was never intended to be televised, it’s difficult to discuss and impossible to show without spoiling a very important something that will happen on the Dec. 25 episode of Rampage.

You’ve been warned.

Bail out now if you don’t want spoilers for AEW’s Christmas night show on TNT.

Okay, here goes...

To close the night in Greensboro, North Carolina, Cody Rhodes was joined in the ring by his wife Brandi, brother Dustin, and members of his Nightmare Family faction. They were joined by Tony Khan and David Crockett to thank the crowd — and celebrate Cody winning the TNT title for the third time when he pinned Sammy Guevara during Rampage.

It was mostly the latest case of Rhodes playing his smarmy “heel who thinks he’s a babyface” character, including a clever bit where he tells the audience they don’t need to boo him any more because they’re off the air (which only gets him booed more). Depending where you fall on Cody’s schtick, it’s a fun untelevised segment. But the coolness I was referring to happens toward the end, when — much to the new champ’s chagrin — TK sends for HOOK.

Our wary hero, who clearly was ready to bounce after picking up his latest win before the TNT title match, eventually takes Cody up on his handshake. But then, after Rhodes whispers in his ear, HOOK gives him something else...

The American Nightmare is a big man about it, using it to propose the follow-up happen in an actual match the next time AEW is Greensboro. TK eventually agrees. Check out the whole video courtesy of Reviews By Russ.

Good stuff. Now join me in preparing for the greatest moment in the history of our sport, HOOK dethroning Cody’s Triple H role play for the TNT title.

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