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CM Punk explains why he’s so optimistic about the future of AEW

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Ever since CM Punk returned to pro wrestling in AEW four months ago, he has been repeatedly asked about which wrestlers he wants to get in the ring with. Punk has consistently expressed a desire to work with many of the younger stars on roster.

When ESPN SportsNation asked him a similar question, Punk responded by explaining why he’s so optimistic about the future of All Elite Wrestling:

“I think the future of AEW is in such good hands. Most of the younger guys that we have that we’re gonna wind up spotlighting in the next five years or so, are in their early 20’s. Britt Baker, Hook...I mean everybody seems to love Hook, guy’s had one match...I just think we take our time with our talents. AEW as a whole is still a baby. Two years old, right? Two years old, and we’re gonna be moving to TBS in the new year. That’s a big step. And, just taking time and fostering the new talents instead of just kind of throwing ‘em out there and having a sink or swim attitude, I think helps. Daniel Garcia is a guy I think that is phenomenal. Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks...I’ll forget so many people if I name them. I just think the future is very very bright.”

It’s not too surprising to see Punk praise Daniel Garcia and Powerhouse Hobbs, as he’s already worked with them in AEW.

The part where he suggests young wrestlers are better positioned to succeed when they have time to develop is worth keeping in mind, as sometimes it’s easy to forget just how young Jungle Boy is (24 years old) as one laments the fact that he has not won a championship thus far in AEW. If folks like Boy and Dante Martin can significantly improve their skills on the mic, they’ll have a much better chance to realize their potential as top level talent when the appropriate time comes. As Punk implies, there are plenty of young talented wrestlers all over the roster who will have plenty of time and resources available to hone their craft and become a more complete package as a pro wrestler.

Do you share Punk’s optimism about the future of AEW?

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