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Danielson vs. Page II has a date, and a stipulation

It was also set-up by the AEW World champion throwing a few phrases from the challenger’s WWE career at him.

The first match World title clash between Hangman Page and Bryan Danielson was a 60 minute draw that some jabroni on the internet called a classic, and Arn Anderson called the best match he’s seen in 25 years. A rematch was a no brainer, and quickly confirmed by AEW head honcho Tony Khan.

We didn’t know when it would happen, though. Now we do.

Danielson vs. Page II is set for Dynamite’s debut on TBS, Jan. 5, 2022.

How will we ensure we don’t get another draw? After showing up on the Dec. 22 show with excuses about the knee injury he got wrestling Dark Order’s John Silver ahead of his title shot, Danielson had a suggestion. And the champ agreed.

The rematch will have a panel of judges to render a decision should the Anxious Millennial Cowboy and the American Dragon again go 60 minutes, but Page told Bryan to pay them first, because he plans to end round two well before the time limit. He also got in Danielson head a bit with a few phrases from his past — Hangman is going to prove he’s not a “B+ player”, and “YES”, he’ll leave the Jan. 5 Dynamite with the belt.

Like it?

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