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62 year old Sting is out here hitting top rope moves in CM Punk face paint

The main event of Dec. 22’s Holiday Bash edition of Dynamite featured Sting’s first match in Greensboro, North Carolina since 1994. The Icon was teaming with his regular partner Darby Allin, and another legend in CM Punk. Sting paid tribute to Punk with his war paint. The Best in the World returned the favor with a Surfer/Bladerunner Sting look. He modified his entrance appropriately, too.

They were facing The Pinnacle trio of Maxwell Jacob Friedman and FTR, and much of the match was devoted to teasing action between Punk and his rival MJF. The crowd wanted to see Sting, though...

They especially loved it when he got a piece of Max. Friedman bounced after that, and Punk gave chase — all through the Greensboro Coliseum. It was worth it to see Allin do what Allin does best:

Darby played face-in-peril after a nasty bump on the apron, which set the stage for Sting to come in like a house afire and single-handedly deal with The Pinnacle. Dax Harwood was set for a Scorpion Death Lock, but MJF made the save.

The Stinger was in trouble after that, but he got free for a tag with a bodyslam on Harwood (that got a HUGE pop, if you were still wondering if Sting is over in Greensboro). That wasn’t the 62 year old’s big spot though. After MJF played possum and came back as things broke down, Sting flew!

MJF was set to get his from Punk, but Dax saved him. And paid the price. He took finishers from all three good guys, including an impressive cross-ring coffin drop from Allin, and the pin.

Friedman, meanwhile, ran up the ramp to trash talk Punk. That feud is cool and all, but mostly, STING!

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