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Brandi Rhodes wins again with help from Arn Anderson and a new submission

Brandi Rhodes is on a roll. Two weeks ago, she won a match in her return after time away from the ring due to pregnancy. Brandi kept the momentum steaming ahead with another victory on Tuesday night Dark. The CBO did so with a little help from Arn Anderson and a new submission finisher.

Brandi teased the new move prior to her bout against Robyn Renegade.

Robyn was joined by her twin sister Charlette Renegade. Brandi worked rowdy with running shoulder blocks early. When Brandi grabbed a rear waist lock, Charlette decided to get involved by grabbing Brandi’s foot as a distraction. Action spilled outside, and Robyn rammed Brandi’s shoulder into the ring post. Robyn had the edge on a suplex and camel clutch. She stuck her fingers inside Brandi’s mouth, so Brandi bit those digits to break free.

AEW Dark

After a thrust kick, Brandi ran the ropes. Charlette hopped on the apron to cause another distraction. Arn Anderson saw enough. He came out from the back to pace toward the ring. Arn teased pulling his finger gun, so Charlette split from the scene.

Brandi took control with clotheslines, kicks, and a pop-up elbow strike. Brandi overzealously charged into the corner. Robyn dodged causing Brandi to collide with the turnbuckles. Robyn took flight to connect on a frog splash, but Brandi kicked out on the cover. When Robyn argued with the referee, Brandi took advantage for a roll-up then a pump kick. Brandi closed it out with her new submission finisher, Stretch Mark.

I must admit that Brandi is turning into a guilty pleasure as a wrestler. It’s never dull when she is around. Brandi commands attention whenever on screen to put on a show. There’s no problem using Dark to tighten up her game inside the ring. Mixing in Arn for was a smooth move adding to the fun. Brandi had already been on record approving of his crazy antics.

The bout took place at the 24:06 mark of Dark if you want to watch for yourself.

Are you on board with Brandi’s new submission?

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