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Tony Khan says things you’d expect him to about WWE, MJF & Kevin Owens

Shak Wrestling on YouTube

During an interview with our old pal Shakiel Mahjouri over at his new home with CBS Sports, AEW’s Tony Khan addressed a couple of free agency related issues.

In speaking about reports WWE has been influenced by their television partners to take an even greater interest in signing MJF when his contract is up in 2024, Khan was all for it since it drives interest in watching Max now:

“I think that’s great. I encourage that. I think they should keep talking about him because he’s a wrestler that’s a big part of AEW and is signed here for a few more years. So I think please keep giving us that buzz because he’s been getting great ratings for his segments and those have also been featuring CM Punk pretty regularly as they continue to interact.”

And on the subject of Kevin Owens re-signing with WWE, Khan confirmed what everyone suspected — of course he would have been interested in hiring KO. But he’s also gracious about not getting the chance, which should play well with future free agents, including Owens when his contract comes up again:

“I would have been interested in that. He’s a great wrestler. I think he ended up signing for what I believe is probably a lot of money. I think that’s great and good for him. We have a lot of people spotlighted here and he’s great. Any company he goes to he’ll be a great wrestler for them.”

You can watch Shak’s entire conversation with TK here.

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