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Here’s why Chris Jericho is missing from AEW Rampage this week

Chris Jericho was briefly featured in a backstage segment on last night’s (Dec. 1) episode of Dynamite. The Demo God explained his motivation for running into the ring at the end of last week’s Rampage. Jericho clarified that he wasn’t trying to save Eddie Kingston, he was just trying to get a piece of Daniel Garcia and 2point0.

Jericho was then immediately attacked by those three heels. They laid him out with a vicious assault, leading to the news that Jericho will be missing from commentary on tomorrow night’s episode of Rampage.

For those fans who are wondering if there is more to the story behind Jericho’s absence from Rampage, all you have to do is take a look at his Twitter page to see what’s going on. Chris has been busy all week retweeting a lot of positive fan reactions to an ongoing Fozzy tour in the United Kingdom.

Here’s one example:

Jericho being on tour with Fozzy in the UK would explain why he was not live in the arena yesterday on Dynamite, and therefore will also be missing from Rampage, which was taped last night. His backstage segment with 2point0 and Garcia that aired last night must have been taped last week.

Are any Cagesiders in the UK rocking out with Jericho and Fozzy this week?

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