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Billy Gunn thanks Danhausen for getting his sons’ asses over

The Ass Man also tells his son to embrace being Ass Boys.

When he recovers from his broken leg, AEW should probably sign former ROH talent Danhausen.

Not only is the very cursed, very evil wrestler friendly with AEW stars like Chris Jericho, but his live-tweeting of their shows has proven to be very popular with the online wrestling community. The biggest beneficiaries of this are probably The Gunn Club’s Colten & Austin Gunn.

Since their father is legendary Ass Man Billy Gunn, Danhausen refers to his sons as Assboys. The Sons of Gunn Assboys (kayfabe) do not like this. This does not deter Danhausen however. In fact, especially when they word their threats poorly, it encourages him.

As you can tell by the picture, one person who isn’t bothered by this is the WWE Hall of Famer. In fact, before Rampage Billy acknowledged Danhausen’s work in getting the Gunns over in AEW...

He also told Austin to stop fighting and accept his legacy:

Anyone else excited for an Asshausen stable?

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