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Tony Khan goes after Fox News, including with a Succession meme

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 9 Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Look, who among us hasn’t wanted to spend an evening going on a Twitter rant about Fox News? Some of you have probably even done what Tony Khan did last night (Dec. 17).

But even if you have, you probably didn’t do it because they wrote an article criticizing your father’s management of his NFL franchise while taking a few shots at your wrestling company’s ratings.

AEW’s head honcho, who’s been known to be online on occasion, wasn’t going to take this lying down. Especially not when he could use the all mighty demo to dunk on “America’s #1 cable news network”...

TK’s ratings tweets aren’t really my thing, but they seem to play well with his base. And again, I’m never gonna get upset about someone trying to drag the company that gives Tucker Carlson a megaphone into retirement communities all across this great land of ours. But even as someone who loves HBO’s hit drama Succession as much as the next Con-head, I’m confused by his use of this bit from season two...

Is Tony saying Fox News made him to get down on the floor, pretend to be a pig, and fight for a sausage while trying to intimidate him into admitting he was leaking information to an author who wants to write an unauthorized biography about the network? Because that’s what “Boar on the Floor” was on the show.

I guess he’s claiming they’re bullying him about the latest embarrassment for his dad’s embarrassing football team, and his wrestling company’s flat TV numbers? Again, I’m not pro-Fox News, but... [extremely Roman Roy voice] they’re not wrong here?

Whatever. He hasn’t tweeted about this in almost 24 hours, so it seems Tony got it out of his system. A lot of AEW fans will love this, and the ones who don’t will probably keep watching because he has assembled a great roster of talent and books a pretty darn good wrestling show.

Now maybe he can help his dad hire a coach who doesn’t kick his players?

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