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The Young Bucks join in on teasing Jeff Hardy to AEW

Just because Matt & Nick Jackson don’t do a lot of tweeting these days, it doesn’t mean they can’t use social media to stir the pot.

Over the past few days, The Young Bucks have used their Twitter to pay tribute to Jeff Hardy. It wouldn’t be noteworthy if they were just shouting their former tag team foe out. Lots of wrestlers did that in the wake of Jeff’s WWE release. But the Jacksons also happen to be Executive Vice-Presidents of AEW, so when they dedicate their header image and bio to the Charismatic Enigma...

... it carries a little more weight than when Big E praises him.

Jeff’s older brother Matt spreading around The Buck’s header (and a critique of online wrestling fans) in the midst of his own Hardy Boyz reunion teases (and shared thoughts on web discourse) is worth noting, too.

An AEW run for The Hardys, which will surely include another match or two against The Bucks, feels inevitable at this point. We’ll see what happens when his WWE non-compete is up in 90 days... and perhaps pending the reaction to Jeff’s account of his Dec. 4 house show exit & the results of the drug test his brother believes was clean. But the fickle wrestling community’s probably already moved on to being mad about other things.

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