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Tony Khan confirms what we all suspected about Page vs. Danielson

All Elite Wrestling

Bryan Danielson and Hangman Page wow-ed the wrestling world on the “Winter is Coming” edition of Dynamite. Dec. 15’s 60 minute AEW World title match draw sparked a debate about its result, but drew almost universal praise for the story it told, and the performances and athletic ability demonstrated by the two wrestlers.

It also left very little doubt that the program between Page and Danielson would continue. And while he didn’t tell us when a rematch happened, AEW President and booker Tony Khan confirmed we’d eventually see one during his appearance on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio today (Dec. 17).

“I’ll be honest: I’m excited for what’s coming next between Hangman Page and Bryan Danielson. It’s far from over. And I’ll tell you this: Bryan Danielson is still the no. 1 contender. It’s a rematch I’m very much excited to see.”

The source of that transcription, Wrestling Observer, points out that when/if we get the next Page/Danielson match, it will be only the second World title rematch in AEW history. Jon Moxley got another shot at Kenny Omega’s belt at Revolution earlier this year (the infamous Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch) after getting screwed by Omega and Don Callis at “Winter is Coming” 2020.

The Observer also speculates that Cowboy vs. Dragon 2 could headline Battle of the Belts, AEW’s Jan. 8, 2022 show from Charlotte, North Carolina’s Bojangles Coliseum that will air on TNT.

Sounds good to me. What do you think, scripted fight fans?

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