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AEW signing Jeff Hardy is a no-brainer, according to Jim Ross

Jim Ross is away from the AEW commentary booth right now due to radiation treatments for his skin cancer, but that won’t stop him from podcasting on Grilling JR about the wacky world of pro wrestling.

While discussing WWE’s decision to release Jeff Hardy, Ross explained just how highly he regards the Hardy Boyz as a team:

“WWE has never developed a better tag team, homegrown, than the Hardy Boyz, in my opinion...If I owned a territory and I had a chance to get the Hardy Boyz as a tag team, that’s what they would be, a team.”

Now that Jeff is gone from WWE, the Hardy Boyz have already teased reuniting. Jeff is reportedly under a 90-day non compete clause, so even if everything is fine in his personal life, he’s going to be away from pro wrestling television for at least a few months. But Ross is hopeful to see the Hardy Boyz wrestling in the AEW tag division at some point down the line:

“...we don’t know all the details, so we all rush to judgment that it’s probably the worst case scenario. And I don’t know that to be true. I don’t know the particulars of this matter. Look, I’ve had more one-on-one talks with Jeff Hardy than maybe anybody in the business...he’s got a good heart and he’s got a good soul, but he’s got some weaknesses that he has had to deal with...that’s just the way of the world, now that we’re all willing to talk about things like that.

But I hope that some day he’s wrestling for AEW. It’s a no-brainer. Can you imagine the Young Bucks and the Hardy Boyz? The Hardyz and the Lucha Bros? The Hardyz and FTR, the battle of North Carolina...there’s a year right there, easy. So in any event, when the lay of the land is conducive...somewhere down the road that’d be the thing to do, and it would help the tag team scene immensely.”

Do you agree with JR, Cagesiders?

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