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Ryback takes a shot at Punk and MJF after he was buried on Dynamite

The current feud between CM Punk and MJF has previously included references to WWE stars John Cena, Triple H, and The Miz. Last night’s episode of Dynamite added The Ryback’s name to the party.

Punk is undefeated in AEW, but he hasn’t dominated in his matches. He has gone back-and-forth in long matches even against lower card wrestlers like QT Marshall, Lee Moriarty, and Daniel Garcia. But wins are wins, and Punk said he wants the next shot at the AEW world championship.

That leads to last night’s promo from MJF, where he put down Punk by insulting the Ryback:

“I didn’t realize, that having an undefeated streak in a string of underwhelming matches against underwhelming opponents made you championship material. I thought that just made you the new Ryback.”

There’s no way The Ryback was going to let that one slide without a response. Here’s what The Big Guy came up with on Twitter:

Going after Punk’s failed UFC career will always an easy target, but I have to give this round of trash talk to MJF. His jab at The Ryback is accurate, because The Ryback started out undefeated in WWE and given a main event championship match with Punk in late 2012 despite never having any good matches up to that point. Whereas Ryback’s descriptions of MJF as enhancement talent and Punk as an underwhelming opponent are harder to justify. They are two of the top stars in AEW, and it’s even rumored that their feud has greatly increased WWE’s interest level in signing MJF in a couple years.

Regardless, it’s no secret that Punk and Ryback don’t like each other, and this is just the latest entry in that story, even if it’s just some harmless pro wrestling trash talk.

What’s your take on this whole thing, Cagesiders?

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