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For now, it’s in last week’s merch sales at Pro Wrestling Tees. But we all know it’s just a matter of time before it happens everywhere else.

All Elite Wrestling

Proving the popularity of AEW’s Hook isn’t just a bunch of internet weirdos like me, or proving that a lot of my fellow internet weirdos are willing to shell out $24.99 plus tax, shipping & handling for a white shirt with four letters on it to rep Taz’s chip-eating son and make sure our fellow Hook-ers can easily identify us, Pro Wrestling Tees has a new top selling shirt this week:

A version of CM Punk’s “First Dance” shirt has sat atop the company’s charts since, well, “The First Dance” on Aug. 20. That’s 16 weeks as a bestseller for The Best In The World... until Hook came along.

Punk’s not bitter though. He came to AEW to make new stars, and his telling Team Taz to “send Hook” certainly only fanned the web’s burning passion for the 22 year old. He jumped on both Twitter and Instagram to celebrate the news.

PWT’s Instagram

He’s probably just kissing up to avoid a match. You don’t have to be an internet weirdo to know that Punk fears Hook.

Get your Hook (or, if you’re still living in the past, Punk) merch here.

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