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Amanda Huber’s ‘Jon’ is much more than another great Brodie Lee tribute

This post is really just to tell you to read Amanda Huber’s Player’s Tribune post about her late husband Jon, who wrestling fans knew as Brodie Lee (and, for a time, Luke Harper).

I won’t tell you to stop what you’re doing and go read it right now. What Huber’s written deserves more than that overused blogger trick. More importantly, she’s given us a sometimes-challenging-but-absolutely-worthwhile read that people should take time to absorb and consider.

And cry, because there will be tears.

“Jon” is a tribute to her late husband on the occasion of what would have been their 10th wedding anniversary. It contains some stories we’ve heard since Brodie Lee died, and others we haven’t. There are more details about the who, what, when, where & how of the devastating loss Huber, her two sons, and all of Brodie Sr.’s family & friends experienced at the end of last year — and even more about the life he lived and the person he was before he got sick unexpectedly in October of 2020. And Huber updates us on how she’s doing now.

Along the way, “Jon” is also an underdog story, and a love story. It’s about how the wrestling business has changed, especially for women, and how much it still needs to evolve. It’s about the impact addressing trauma and mental health can have on lives, and the value of friendship.

It’s sad, and beautiful. Amanda Huber makes us feel like we know her & Jon a little better by sharing their story — their joy, and pain.

‘Jon’ is a great Brodie Lee tribute. It’s also more. You should read it.

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