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Tony Khan reveals favorite match, moment, and breakout performer from AEW in 2021

Tony Khan is a soundbite machine. Part of that is being so open about business in AEW, and part of that is sharing perspectives as a fan at heart. When he partakes in interviews, it is always interesting to listen. Khan’s chat with Robbie Fox on My Mom’s Basement was no different as he revealed his favorite match, favorite moment, and breakout performer from AEW in 2021.

For favorite match of the year on TV and PPV, Khan picked Dr. Britt Baker DMD versus Thunder Rosa in Lights Out and the Young Bucks versus the Lucha Bros inside a steel cage.

Both are excellent selections. If Baker and Thunder Rosa end up becoming legends, then the Lights Out bout would likely be the kick-off point to making them superstars.

AEW has had so many stellar matches this year that there could probably be 20 or so contenders. We can’t let Khan have all the fun. My personal choice for favorite match is Shaquille O’Neal & Jade Cargill versus Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet. They did Shaq right with the perfect treatment as a giant special attraction.

For moment of the year on TV and PPV, Khan chose CM Punk’s arrival to AEW and the All Out surprises of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson.

Punk and Danielson were indeed game-changers for AEW. They shed the identity of the ‘little engine that could’ and became major players as a top-tier destination.

My pick for moment of the year is tied to a match outcome. The pay-off to finally see Hangman Page win the AEW World Championship was memorable. That story had been playing out since the inception of AEW, and so many fans were hooked along for the ride. Page suffered through trials and tribulations. That’s what made reaching the top so satisfying.

For breakout performer, Khan went with the person who I assume does his dental work. Dr. Baker earned the nod. Khan also mentioned the Four Pillars of Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, MJF, and Jungle Boy.

That group of five was being positioned for stardom during 2020, and they went five for five in achieving success. That’s a testament to the environment of growth in AEW.

Dante Martin is my choice as the winner. He came out of nowhere to turn heads with Darius in Top Flight. It would have been easy to shut down when his brother was out with an injury. Instead, Martin doubled down with excellence to earn prime spots on TV with his own storyline.

In a bonus question from a fan, Khan also listed his three favorite finishers. He went with Sting’s Scorpion Deathlock, Macho Man’s flying elbow drop, and the spike piledriver from Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson. That is good taste right there.

What are your picks for favorite match, favorite moment, and breakout performer in AEW during 2021?

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