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Look at Cody Rhodes’ burnt back after that flaming table spot

During his main event Atlanta Street Fight with Andrade El Ídolo on the Dec. 1 episode of Dynamite, Cody Rhodes’ back looked like it was peeling the way it would after a bad sunburn.

This led to quite a few comments on social media, and even some confusion from the announce desk. It all seemed to make sense when Brandi Rhodes appeared to light a table on fire so her husband could superplex Andrade to end the match.

But if the plan was for whatever was on Cody’s back to protect him from the flames, it didn’t exactly work. You could see that part of his upper arm was on fire as he covered El Ídolo. Then you can really see the damage in these post-show pictures AEW posted online, showing burns and some of the melted table laminate stuck to Rhodes’ back.


Maybe that’ll get Cody some more cheers? Or at least put some respect on the boos?

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