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Ruby Soho advances in the TBS Championship Tournament

It took everything Ruby Soho had. Unlike her opponent in the quarterfinals of the TBS Title Tournament, Kris Statlander, Ruby didn’t get a first round bye in the tournament. For much of their match on the Dec. 1 Dynamite, Statlander overpowered the smaller Soho.

With the Galaxy’s Favorite Alien setting up for Big Bang Theory, it looked like a wrap. But Ruby was able to counter, and pick up a huge win.

After a handshake from a heartbroken Statlander, Soho will advance to face Nyla Rose in the semis.

While her manager Vickie Guerrero distracted Statlander on the stage, Rose slipped into the ring and took out a celebrating Soho.

It won’t be that easy in the final four.

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