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Larry David, Larry the dog namedropped in Punk vs. MJF round 2

The follow-up to the CM Punk/Maxwell Jacob Friedman war of words on last week’s Dynamite came after Punk labored through a match against the talented Lee Moriarty on the Dec. 1 episode.

MJF was on commentary for the match, and after the bell he didn’t waste any time stepping onto the ramp with a microphone in hand. Max ran down the man he calls “PG Punk”, calling him a shell of the man he grew up admiring. He also got in a few shots about Punk’s frequent shout outs to Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

The Best in the World returned fire with a line about how MJF’s Hanukkah suit looked like Larry David’s pajamas, and returned to the low-hanging fruit (pun semi-intended) of getting the Atlanta crowd to chant “needledick” at Friedman. But mostly he just wanted to fight.

MJF was the second heel tonight to pull the “want to see me fight _ fill in babyface name here _? You don’t deserve it!” card. Maxwell instead promised to win the Diamond Diamond Battle Royal next Wednesday on his home turf of Long Island. And he threatened Punk’s beloved rescue pup Larry, which almost drew the veteran into a fight with MJF’s attack dog, Wardlow.

Like how this one is progressing?

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