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AEW’s newest masked wrestler is allegedly Bryan Danielson in disguise

AEW brought in a new masked luchador for the latest episode of Dark. No, I’m not referring to the Fuego Dos gimmick of a man not named Cody Rhodes under the mask. This situation is entirely different. Instead, there was a man with similarities to Bryan Danielson donning the identity of Infinito.

Infinito made his AEW debut ready to rumble with Ray Jaz.

The match took place at the 40:13 mark of Dark.

The luchador was billed from the infinite universe from the beginning and end of time weighing more than you could possibly imagine. Infinito worked the crowd well with clapping and vocal grunts. His offense consisted of monkey flips and crossbodies. The move of doom was an airplane spin with around 25 rotations. I got dizzy counting to confirm an official number. That maneuver left Jaz ripe for the picking on a roll-up.

Infinito doesn’t have a rich story to dig for hints, like Fuego Dos on Sammy Guevara’s vlog. That makes it tough to tell who is the mystery man. Fan chatter speculates toward Bryan Danielson as the character. If true, then Danielson did a good job of varying his offense from kicking heads in. I couldn’t figure that out upon initial viewing. I thought it could have been Christopher Daniels, but Infinito didn’t move the same as the Fallen Angel, Suicide, or Curry Man.

AEW seems to be cornering all the hot talent lately to create an alternate luchador universe. Future possibilities are abound. For now, all I want is a scene of Fuego Dos and Infinito crossing paths.

What’s your take on the Infinito situation?

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