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CM Punk responds to criticism of his AEW booking with jab at WWE’s

Sometimes AEW’s shots at WWE come on their shows. Sometimes they come on podcasts and in interviews. This latest one came via what the President of Aces & Eights calls the Twittah Machine.

Element of Wrestling Twitter have taken aim at AEW’s booking of late. When whether or not Adam Cole looks like a bigger star now than he did on NXT became a talking point earlier this week, Tony Khan jumped into the fray.

Then yesterday (Nov. 30), after CM Punk’s match with Lee Moriarty was announced for Dynamite, someone criticized that decision as random and failing to build on the segment Punk had with Maxwell Jacob Friedman last week. Punk saw that, and poked fun at how WWE would likely book his program with MJF:

The Moriarty match isn’t an obvious follow-up to the promo battle with Max, but it is a logical extension of what Punk’s been doing since he returned to wrestling in August. And if you think the MJF program won’t be advanced in any way tonight, you probably only comment on AEW online without watching their shows.

Maybe Punk should take the high road and not respond at all, but he’s not entirely off-base in predicting that his old company would have booked him and Friedman for a tag match or two en route to one of several one-on-ones between them.

It’s all pretty fun, as long as you don’t take the whole AEW vs. WWE thing too seriously.

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