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Bryan Danielson can’t stop messing with Justin Roberts’ tie

Just two days removed from their full-on reenactment of Nexus’ debut back in 2010, Bryan Danielson found himself in the ring with Justin Roberts again on Rampage last night (Nov. 5).

Before the show-opening match Tony Khan booked for him against Anthony Bowens - and just before Bowens’ partner in The Acclaimed, Max Caster, delivered some great (if off-beat) lines about Bryan’s family - Danielson spotted Roberts’ tie. And he couldn’t resist...

backfliptopancake on tumblr

I guess the American Dragon didn’t like the look of that particular cravat, or maybe he didn’t think it was made of strong enough material. Or maybe Tony Khan told him he’d have to fire Danielson just like Vince McMahon did if he choked out the ring announcer? I’m guessing Bryan just wanted to remind Roberts about the whole “don’t call me by my WWE name” thing one more time.

Whatever it is, I am loving this version of Danielson. A little bit of Daniel Bryan goofiness, a whole lot of beating every opponent with a different move badassery.