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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (Nov. 3, 2021): Cody haters

AEW Dynamite (Nov. 3, 2021) emanated from the Cable Dahmer Arena in Kansas City, MO. The show featured Cody Rhodes’ haters amassing in greater numbers, Miro making the most of opportunities, and a rough night for the Elite.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

Cody haters

Life is never easy for Cody Rhodes. Tony Khan banned Malakai Black from ringside for Cody’s match against Andrade. That seemed simple enough as a solution, however, Black issued a warning that he wasn’t the only one wanting to put an end to Cody. Black’s message put an odor of betrayal in the air.

Cody and Andrade duked it out competitively. Andrade had the signature moves well scouted, but Cody was able to adapt. A pivotal moment came when Andrade shoved Cody off the turnbuckles down to the floor. Cody jammed his knee, and Andrade went on the attack. A chop block, half crab, and figure-four weakened Cody’s body yet the spirit remained strong. Cody fired up by peppering jabs and landing a bionic elbow.

As Cody launched for a suicide dive, that’s when Black’s warning revealed itself. FTR had been waiting under the ring to pop out and bash Cody with the AAA tag belts.

Cody was out cold. Andrade finished the job with a hammerlock DDT to win.

Afterward, Andrade and FTR pounded on Cody’s body. Even Tully Blanchard came down for the some piñata fun. Arn Anderson had enough and teased fisticuffs with his old Horsemen cohort. The Lucha Bros ran in to even the odds before Arn and Tully could throw blows.

In my opinion, this was the best match of the night. The strategy counters between Andrade and Cody increased the drama. Andrade was on point by being one step ahead of Cody’s tendencies. For example, El Idolo actually flipped over the ropes to meet Cody on the apron during his predictable turnbuckle routine. That is mind games to the max. Cody had to adjust with feints and counter steps in order to land offense. In the end, he went back to the well of familiarity, and that was his downfall. FTR were ready and waiting as Cody haters to interfere.

It is funny how all these ruffians are united over their hatred of Cody. Loose friendships and fat wallets explain the connections, however, the love of harming Cody is what brings them joy. Cody better nip this in the bud soon or else Black and Andrade will lead a Legion of Doom evil faction dedicated to his extinction.

Orange crushed

The AEW World Title Eliminator tournament took center stage as the main event of the evening. The original plan was for Jon Moxley to wrestle Orange Cassidy in the semifinal. The winner would go on to face Bryan Danielson at the Full Gear PPV on November 13. Plans changed when Moxley was absent due to taking leave for alcohol treatment. That meant a replacement was needed.

Miro answered the call motivated by redeeming himself. He wondered if his god was trying to help him or toy with him by presenting this opportunity. Either way, Miro declared that he will be a champion again.

Cassidy entered with his ribs taped. That was just asking for Miro to target the injury, and that’s what he did. Cassidy played cat and mouse comedy early to avoid contact. Eventually, Miro caught a suicide dive for an overhead suplex onto the floor. Miro proceeded to pound the pulp out of Orange with suplexes and slams.

Cassidy fired up for an offensive flurry. When Miro ducked out of the ring to avoid a Superman punch, OC executed arguably the most aggressive move of his career with a flying crossbody onto Miro through the timekeeper table. Miro barely beat the ten-count back into the ring. He made it so convincing that I was in shock thinking he would lose.

Cassidy kept on the pressure for a Beach Break finisher, but Miro kicked out on the cover. Cassidy aimed for another Superman punch. Miro was ready to counter for a body block followed by a thrust kick and the Game Over submission to win. Cassidy tapped out with speed. That was the fastest I’ve ever seen him move.

Bryan Danielson was on commentary and entered the ring for a staredown to hype the tournament final. When Danielson offered a handshake, Miro backed away.

The main event was short yet dramatic. I went in hoping Miro could crush Cassidy and his injured ribs. The bandages laid out the perfect excuse to protect Cassidy in defeat. Then, they flipped the script and had me in the palm of their hands thinking Miro would lose on two occasions. As much as I’m not into Cassidy’s shtick inside the ring, I have to admit that he worked me hard on the false finishes. In the end, sanity prevailed and Miro advanced.

From a sporting perspective, Danielson is the clear favorite to win the tournament. Miro’s neck problems continue to be a weak spot. Danielson has to be watering at the mouth ready to unleash a pinpoint game plan aiming at Miro’s neck. Obviously, executing it is easier said than done when competing against a man of Miro’s stature, but Danielson has the technical prowess to get the job done.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

Kenny Omega defeated Alan Angels. The Dark Order member hit some flashy moves, however, Omega was leading the way as the superior wrestler. Omega closed it out by hitting three V-Triggers for victory. That was a callback to Angels’ gutsy effort of kicking out on a V-Trigger when they first wrestled each other in 2020.

This was an energetic opener with an underdog tale. Commentary sold hard for Angels, but I was never buying. Omega was clearly operating on a higher level. When it was time for Wrestling God mode, he obliterated Angels.

After the match, Omega desired to dish out pain with a One Winged Angel onto a chair. Hangman Page ran out for the save. Omega barely ducked a buckshot lariat to escape. The champ left his title behind in the ring, so the cowboy picked up the belt with a sly smile. Hangman spoke confidently that Omega only has ten days left with the title before they meet at Full Gear on November 13.

Hangman and Omega provided a tasty tease for their PPV match. It was nice to see Hangman exude confidence. The ‘aw shucks’ routine was effective into building for this moment. Now, we have peak Hangman at his best up against his greatest challenge.

Super Kliq super beatdown. The Young Bucks and Adam Cole was strutting backstage with tough guy energy. Christian Cage and Luchasaurus walked in to rough them up. The skirmish spilled out on stage with Jungle Boy coming out of nowhere for a flying cannonball onto the three rapscallions.

Christian had the last laugh in this segment with a one-man conchairto to Cole’s head.

Babyfaces returning to kick butt is always worthy of a pop. Christian and Jurassic Express took out the trash to hype a potential PPV trios bout. The fans were into the bloodthirsty payback by chanting, “One more time,” for another Conchairto. Cole was left twitching involuntarily. It makes me wonder if Cole will be healthy enough to wrestle John Silver on Rampage. It kind of puts the pressure on Silver to win while Cole is damaged goods.

AAA World Tag Team Championship: FTR retained in an open challenge. Samuray del Sol (fka Kalisto) and Aerostar answered the call, and they lit up the champs with flurries of lucha libre flips. FTR turned it ugly in quest of victory. Dax Harwood shed off a suicide dive to smash Samuray into the guardrail then followed with a brainbuster on the floor. Cash Wheeler trapped Aerostar in a roll-up and grabbed the ropes to secure the three count.

The appearances from Samuray and Aerostar were a satisfying way to make up for the Super Ranas letdown in terms of surprises. Both luchadores worked hard to entertain. It was a bit comical that Aerostar didn’t know how tags worked in American wrestling. I thought FTR was knocked down a little too much. They did well in allowing the newcomers to shine, however, it came at their own expense. It was probably a 70/30 split in favor of lucha libre offense.

TBS Championship tournament: Jamie Hayter defeated Anna Jay. Hayter had trouble escaping the Queen Slayer choke, so Reba and Dr. Britt Baker DMD ran double interference. Baker hooked Jay’s leg as a distraction. Hayter broke free then uncorked a hefty clothesline for victory. Hayter advances to the second round against Thunder Rosa.

In the aftermath, Baker’s crew stomped on Jay. Tay Conti ran in to clean house, but the numbers game got her. Thunder Rosa was the equalizing force to send Baker running.

This match was okay. It was in that middle realm of quality. Credit to Baker for being the biggest star on screen and being content to remain in the background so Hayter could soak up the spotlight. Baker would get her chance for story advancement with Conti and Thunder. Conti’s strikes looked fierce. The heat is rising for that title fight.

Misfit outcast. MJF ran his mouth at Darby Allin, who was watching from the bleachers. MJF will win at Full Gear, because Allin is mentally weak. Allin countered that he will keep his composure for a proper wrestling match at the PPV. That is because he will unleash his fury right now. MJF laughed and walked away.

It’s Sting!

Sting blocked the exit with a gaggle of goons. The extras brawled with the Pinnacle forcing MJF into the hands of Allin for a fight. Allin set up a long-distance running clothesline knocking MJF over the railing. Allin climbed the corner for a Coffin Drop, but MJF skedaddled with haste.

Great direction for Allin to focus on technical wrestling in an effort to show up MJF. It probably plays into MJF’s hands, and that adds an extra layer to the storytelling inside the ring. If successful, it could help advance the evolution of Allin as a top guy. He worked on his skills to finally topple Cody Rhodes. Working on his emotional strength is the next hurdle. All the while, fans know Allin has the ability to get down and dirty when the situation calls for it.

Notes: CM Punk was not in the best mood, because two people in particular were missing. Jon Moxley was one, and Punk wished him well on recovery. Eddie Kingston was the other, and Punk had harsh words for that cretin. Punk wasn’t quite sure what Kingston’s problem was. Nevertheless, he will be waiting for an apology on Rampage.

AEW aired TBS Championship tournament hype segments for Ruby Soho versus Kris Statlander, Hikaru Shida versus Nyla Rose, Jade Cargill with a bye, and Red Velvet versus Bunny.

The Inner Circle selected Junior dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski, and Dan Lambert from American Top Team to join Men of the Year in the 10-man street fight at Full Gear. Lambert is an interesting swerve choice. One on hand, I’m not all that interested in seeing him wrestle. On the other hand, it should be fun to see Chris Jericho shut him up. Paige VanZant also talked trash toward Jericho, who returned volley. She ludicrously claimed she could take all five men. VanZant has been enjoyable as a rabble-rouser, but it can only go so far without physicality since the Inner Circle doesn’t have women in their bubbly club.

Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty challenged Lio Rush & Dante Martin to a tag bout. Sydal held no hard feelings for Martin learning from Rush. Moriarty was eager to learn from Sydal. Rush was game to accept.

John Silver made references to Being the Elite jokes to hype his match with Adam Cole. The meat man will conquer Budge.

Matt Hardy was in the front row for Orange Cassidy’s match again. He played no role in the outcome while making sinister facial reactions.

Stud of the Show: Darby Allin

What an awesome visual of Allin parting the sea of fans for a sprinting collision to MJF. Nailing the impact made it a signature moment of Allin’s career highlight reel. I can watch that on replay over and over with a smile.

Dud of the Show: Anna Jay

Jay’s judgement to arrive without backup is questionable. Jamie Hayter, Dr. Britt Baker DMD, and Reba are no strangers to interference. That’s exactly what occurred. Sure, the cheating set up a fiery moment for Conti, but that should not have happened at the expense of sacrificing the match finish. Conti should have been ringside watching Jay’s back from the start.

Grade: B+

AEW is full steam ahead for Full Gear. Dynamite continued laying the tracks for all the stories. Momentum is peaking in the right direction for each feud. The ending staredown was a little dull after so much craziness. It might have been better to switch the match order for Cody versus Andrade to close it out.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? Who stole the show?

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