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FTR to defend AAA titles against mystery luchadores on Dynamite (Updated)

FTR are not afraid of a challenge. Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood won the AAA tag team titles from the Lucha Bros when posing as phony baloney masked men called the Super Ranas, and now they have a responsibility to maintain their image as Lucha Living Legends. Tully Blanchard met with Tony Khan to arrange the next AAA title defense on Dynamite, which will be a luchador open challenge. The only exclusion is the Lucha Bros.

Tuesday night Dark opened with a promo straight from Harwood’s home with a beautiful nature view. FTR is looking for fresh meat to establish their run as AAA tag champs. Be it up-and-comers or legends, FTR is ready to prove they are Lucha Living Legends. Top guys, out.

So, who could it possibly be? FTR has a few suggestions.

You never know, but I’d say El Dandy, Super Calo, and OG La Parka (LA Park) are probably not showing up. It would be neat though, considering AEW already dug deep into WCW’s luchador past to bring in Juventud Guerrera for the Labours of Jericho. Perhaps Juvi returns and is joined by another legend in Psicosis.

Looking in a different direction, a few easily accessible luchadores could be Laredo Kid and Black Taurus. Both participate in Impact, so a knock on the Forbidden Door could be in play. Myzteziz Jr. and Octagon Jr. are a pair of awesome high-flyers from AAA that would fit the bill for up-and-comers. The former WWE free agent list includes Sin Cara 2 (Cinta de Oro) and Kalisto (Samuray del Sol). AEW can also look in house to Too Fast Too Fuego. That team is comprised of Fuego del Sol and Fuego 2, who looks suspiciously like Cody Rhodes.

Let’s not forget the possibility that this could be a ruse by FTR to wrestle a couple of chumps wearing masks who are obviously not luchadores. On the flip side, Fenix and Pentagon could wear the Super Ranas outfits as a clever disguise.

On a closing note, FTR deserves applause for treating the AAA tag titles with respect. They have held the gold for 19 days and made it feel important. The way FTR wears the belts with pride and passion adds a sense of prestige. Harwood spoke about not dressing up and drinking coffee on his back porch every morning. That part about fancy clothes might be true, but I suspect he does wear his AAA tag title around the house. For example, Harwood celebrated Halloween with his belt.

Who do you hope will be the surprise challengers for FTR’s AAA tag titles?

UPDATE: Tony Khan has revealed the answer. Find it here.

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